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Student´s name: Tornero Rubio, Marta

Title of the paper: “The Interview”

Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne


In this literary essay we will try to summarize the main ideas of the work by Adrienne Eisen from the deconstructivist point of view. As some of the readers may not have been educated in the concepts that we will be using for the description, there will be an approach to these from the blog page. You can read what Deconstruction is, very briefly but clear enoughthe aims of the method; the reflections that anybody could come across while studying about this subject and, quite relevant to understand the structure of our review, an schematized guide to the steps we could take in our analysis. Browsing the page you can find more articles related to its importance and other concepts linked to Deconstruction.

After presenting the method of our literary review, we can work into the hypertext we have selected: “The Interview”, by Adrienne Eisen by doing an overview of her hypertext and subsequently an immersion in each of the nodescontaining a story. After having read the evaluation you can inspect the highlighted keywords and, if interested, read my commentary upon the subject. You can also have a general view of the CONTENTS, that facilitates the navigation.


Academic year 2008/2009
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©Marta Tornero Rubio
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