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Student´s name : Contreras Fernández, Ana Ruth 

Title of the paper : Spatial Analysis of Chicken Soup for your Corporate Ass (20th August 1999)

Author or topic : Ruth Wyman & William Gillespie

Abstract :

This paper is going to analyse the spatial aspects of this hypertext, and explain why they are the key to understand and enjoy the text. The work is taken from William Gillespie´s Newspoetry project which consisted on writing  a poem a day about current affairs. In order to have a wider understanding of this hypertext, background information about Newspoetry and the author, and also a brief summary of the stories that make up CSCA, have been presented. Moreover, a characters analysis has also been done because they are the main conductors of this story.  Theconclusion obtained will reveal us different worlds (internal and external spaces) that interweave to create a unique story under the common ground of Corporate abuse. A list of Works cited can also be found in this paper.


Academic year 2008/2009 
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