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Student’s name : Fernandez, Charlotte Marie 

Title of the paper : The aspect of time in “Brutal Myths”

Author or topic : “Brutal Myths“, by Sonya Rapoport

Abstract : I’ve worked on the aspect of Time in the hypertext Brutal Myths, by Sonya Rapoport and Marie-José Sat. 
Since Time is a pretty important facet of this work, I tried to answer the question : how was Time exploited in Brutal Myths ?
My analysis consist of a short Introduction, in which I quickly present the hypertext. 
My study of the time time exploitation in the first part of Brutal Myths had to be divided in two parts (Part 1Part 2), since it is so important in the development of the text.
Then I tried to see how Time was exploited in Destroying Myths in order to refute the argumentation presented int the first part of Brutal Myths.
Follows a short comparative study of the two introductions to the two different tesis of the hypertext.
Finally, my conclusion on Brutal Myths is that Time is one of the most important point of the hypertext.

Academic year 2008/2009
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© Charlotte Fernandez
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