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Student´s name : Ferrando Gabarda, Maria Amparo.

Title of the paper :  “The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype PortraitAuthor or topic : Mattison, Ben.

Abstract : “The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait” is a thorough analysis of the daguerreotype, which was a revolution in the photography field. Therefore, this is a non-fiction hypertext. 

    The daguerreotype was the forerunner of the modern photography. The focus of my study is the space, in which locations takes place the phenomenon. United States is on the spotlight since the author concentrates his critique on that area, but Paris is also important due to Louis Daguerre, who built up such movement. Ben Mattison makes mention of other localities such as New York (within the United States) orEngland. A place is important for knowing where something is started, but not only for that but because the culture that that place is concerned too.

    His site, in my humble opinion, has a clear and classic structure.



Academic year 2008/2009

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