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Student´s name : Mateo López, Elvira

Title of the paper : “Sister Stories”

Author or topic : Carolyne Guyer  


Abstract : I have chosen the hypertext created by Carolyne Guyer with Rosemary Joyce and Michael Joyce, “Sister Stories”, because at first, I thought that this hypertext would be a great story of Aztecs, but now I know that I was wrong, it’s rather like a story of Aztec culture, but it’s also interesting.

In this paper I’m going to treat the aspect of time, there are many other aspects that can be treated in hypertexts like space and tools, and I have mentioned a little about them, but I have focalized in the time. Furthermore, I have made an introduction, where I explain what hypertexts are and I explain briefly some aspects of “Sister Stories”. Finally, I have written a conclusionto talk about my first experience with this modern form of read texts.

Academic year 2008/2009
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© Elvira Mateo López


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