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Student´s name: Obiols Roca, Mónica


Title of the paper: Tools’ analysis in “Same Day Test” hypertext.

Author or topic: Inglis, Gavin



I’m going to work on the hypertext “Same Day Test” written by Gavin Inglis, a Scottish author residing in Edinburgh. My analysis consists on an introduction where I explain the concepts of hypertext and hypertext fiction and where I make a brief introduction to the author’s life and to the hypertext topic; the main part of the work will consist on a formalistic analysis of the hypertext focusing on how it has been built up: page style, images, links, different endings we can find, vocabulary used…and a conclusion.

I’ve had the opportunity to ask some questions to Gavin Inglis, and he has answered to all of them. The information given has been very useful to make progress in my analysis, that’s why I want to include my e-mail correspondence with him.

Academic year 2008/2009
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