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Student´s name: Pons Fernández, Laura

Title of the paper: ‘Winter Break’

Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne





Abstract: I am going to analyze the Space aspects of the hypertext ‘Winter Break’, by the American writer and blogger Penelope Trunk (born Adrienne Roston, legal name Adrienne Greenheart, although she also uses the penname Adrienne Eisen to sign some of her novels). First I will publish an introduction, an outline of the argument, an analysis of the main characters and a conclusion. I will divide the space aspects inInternal and External. Also, I have been writing a blog with my first impressions and my progress in reading the hypertext.

Adrienne Greenheart was born in Massachusetts in 1966. Her first hypertext was published in 1993. She is the only hypertext winner of the prestigious New Media Invision Award. I will also include her biography for more details.

Academic year 2008/2009
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