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Stud“A millenary hypertext” by Petit, M.R. (Marianne Rodriguez Petit , born in 1964)

Abstract : Fairy Tales, traditional stories, “rondallas” or however we call these stories that have reached us by word of mouth and generation after generation, have always excited the imagination of children and adults and, have become part of the imaginary masses.

And now we find to our surprise, that one of those stories has been adapted to the hypertext format, without losing, in any moment, the capacity to stimulate the imagination of the reader.

From the Grimm Brothers to M.R. Petit, there is only one little step, which shows, once again, the incredible capacity of popular stories to be adapted into any format. Time, space, the physical and psychological characterization of the characters in The Grimm Tale are amazingly schematical, only a few small brush-strokes are more than sufficient to obtain the desired effect which is merely to make people have fun, and at the same time, teach us some lessons that form part of our deepest traditions.

My work will consist of developing the spaces and scenes where the action of this hypertext takes place,

trying to place the story in the correct context.

And, to conclude I shall put forward my personal modest opinion about this hypertextual version of

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was (Juan sin miedo).

I also would like to share with you my correspondence with the author.

Academic year 2008/2009
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