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Student´s name: Ruiz Peris, María

Title of the paper : “Analysis of the tools in Winter Break

Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne


Abstract: I am going to work with the hypertext “Winter Break” written by Adrienne Eisen (legal name Adrienne Greenheart). An American blogger born in 1966.She is the only hypertext winner of the prestigious New Media Invision Award. Adrienne Eisen´s hypertext has been published by Lowa Review Web, Eastgate and Alt-X. The analysis will consist of an introduction, and analysis of the tools that the writer uses to compose the hypertext, and also for better understanding I´m going to include an analysis of the argument and an outline with all the possible paths to follow. Finally you will find a conclusion, where I will put my personal opinion about the hypertext and also about the paper in general.

Academic year 2008/2009 
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