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Student´s name : Schulze, Ida

Title of the paper : Analysis of tools in the poem Children’s Time

Author or topic : Deena Larsen


Abstract: Children’s time by Deena Larsen is a short hypertext poem belonging into the genre of Kanji-kus. In myintroduction to it you will get a an overview of its structure, some information about its author and one possible summary of its content. In the analysis you can obtain details about the tools Larsen uses to transmit her ideas and if you want to know more about my personal impressions and the results of my way of reading it you can have a look at the conclusion. For further information in regard of Deena Larsen, her works and hypertext in general you can also check out the linksto homepages of other students.

Academic year 2008/2009
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Ida Schulze
Universitat de València Press

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