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Student´s name : Andújar Forner, Anna 

Title of the paper : “Analysis of the time in Winter Break

Author or topic : Eisen, Adrienne

Abstract : I will be basing my analysis on Adrienne Eisen’s hypertext ‘Winter Break’. To begin with an introduction where I will explain how to deal with this closely new form of reading named hypertext. A good definition of hypertext will be “a collection of texts interconnected by hyperlinks, which allow the user to choose different paths”. I have analised this hypertext from the point of view of time, following these paths. To understand well the plot of the story, the reading of the whole story is needed, after that I have done a brief summary of characters‘ features. Appear several spaces in “Winter Break”, nevertheless there are slightly references to time. To finish my analysis I will do a conclusion with some extra information about her; as well as a biography of Adrienne Eisen and a bibliography, where I will put all the links and information that I have checked.

Academic year 2005/2006 
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© Anna Andújar Forner 
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