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Student´s name: Zapater Navarro, Olga

Title of the paper: “The ballad of Sand and Harry Soot

 Author or topic: Strickland, Stephanie.

Abstract: In this paper you can see a complete commentary of the poetic hypertext of Stephanie Strickland (1942- ): “The ballad of Sand and Harry Soot”. First of all, I have begun with an Introduction to explain what kind of text we are going to deal with. Secondly, taking into account that this text is poetic, I have explained the structure of it, trying to show in how many parts the text is divided, which are the most important parts of it etc. Then, I have talk a little about the characters of the work to provide a better understanding of it. Finally, I have made an analysis of the text emphasizing the aspect of the space, and I have given my own opinion about the ballad. I have also included a bibliography.


Academic year 2008/2009
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