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Student´s name : Bendix, Karla

Title of the paper : “The Glass Snail” by Milorad Pavic – Narrative Technique and Structure

Author or topic : Milorad Pavic

Abstract : This paper analyzes Milorad Pavic´s hypertext “The Glass Snail”. Chapter one gives a brief introduction to the story and summarizes its plot, followed by an analysis of the main characters. The attempt is made to examine their nature, their longings, and what they have in common. Closest attention is paid to the idea of loneliness, that repeatedly appears in the story. Chapter three focuses on the narrative technique. What kind of narrative tools does Milorad Pavic use? What is he famous for? In chapter four these narrative techniques are then applied on his story The Glass Snail”. It examines the structure and the linking in the hypertext. Finally, chapter five analyzes the essential features of Postmodern Literature in The Glass Snail, based on the article „Elements of Milorad Pavic´s Postmodern Poetics“ by Jasmina Mihajlovic.

Academic year 2008/2009
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Karla Bendix
Universitat de València Press

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