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narrative objects >> As Peter Lunenfeld reminds us, “…formerly discrete photographic elements blend even further into the computer’s digital soup of letters, numbers, motion graphics and sound files: what is crucial is that all of these and more are simply different manifestations of the data maintained in binary form.” Dancing images, manipulated corpo-sites, translated filmtexts, […]

00 The Sonatas of Saint Francis by M. Joyce et altri

http://supertart.com/sonatas/index.html Open up a reading… New About: About: Tech: Apologies to Mac OS X, Openstep, and NeXTStep users browsing the fiction with Omniweb, as our JavaScript is a bit lacking, and you’ll be missing some of the fiction. We’re working on it. If you have any problems with the site, drop an email to techsupport@supertart.com.

00 Holier Than Thou – an exploratory hypertext fiction

http://www.duke.edu/~mshumate/fiction/htt/index.html Holier Than Thou an exploratory hypertext fiction by Michael Shumate mshumate@acpub.duke.edu About “Holier Than Thou” Although “Holier Than Thou” is a work of fiction that can be read in its own right, it is also part of a larger web of text. It is part of my final project “Writing Lives: Technology, Creativity, and […]

00 artists in sight

http://art.colorado.edu/hiaff/ [HISTORIES NOW] The “Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions” web site is an online-only exhibition of the early (and continuous) history of Internet art. Produced by students in the Digital Art area located in the University of Colorado’s Art and Art History Department, and in conjunction with the Alt-X Online Network, ATLAS and […]

00 Archivo – Gómez Aguilar, Raquel – Grupo C

Student´s name : Gómez Aguilar, Raquel Title of the paper : “Afterwards“ Author or topic : Judy Malloy    Abstract : I decided to choose the hypertext “Afterwards” by Judy Malloy for my Second Paper because this text fulfills the two main conditions I was looking for in a hypertext : a text with a reading easy to follow and understand […]

00 Archivo – Sancho Ferreras, Jonas – Grupo C

Student´s name : Sancho Ferreras, Jonas Title of the paper :  Richard Pryll’s Hyperfiction “Lies”: Analysis of Tools Author or topic :  Richard Pryll Jr.         © Richard Pryll Abstract :  I’ve decided to analyse the aspect of Tools because I really liked the way Mr. Pryll put the information together, how he made up the story, its creativity and […]

00 Archivo – Badía Torrente, Leticia – Grupo C

Student’s name: Badía Torrente, Leticia Title of the paper: I Have Said Something about Storyspace vs HTML (An analysis of the tools used in I Have Said Nothing by J. Yellowlees Douglas) Author: Jane Yellowlees Douglas Jane Y. Douglas Abstract: From printed books to many hours of tedious code writing, from coding to learning how […]

00 Archivo – Lucha Serrano, Patricia – Grupo C

Student´s name: Lucha Serrano, Patricia Title of the paper: Analysis of the time in The Rainbow Factory Author or topic: Peter Howard (1957)   Abstract: I am going to do an analysis of The Rainbow Factory, a hypertext written by Peter Howard, from the point of view of time. I will also write an introduction, which talks about the hypertext itself and the reasons why […]

00 Archivo – Levy Ballester, Lorena – Grupo C

Student´s name: Levy Ballester, Lorena Title of the paper: Analysis of the SPACE in Uncle Roger                                                                          Author or topic: Judy Malloy (1942)   Abstract: I’m going to analyze the hypertext written by Judy Malloy, Uncle Roger, from the point of view of the SPACE. I will not just work on this aspect; I will also do a small general analysis of the text. Firstly, I’m going […]

00 Archivo – Ortuño Domínguez, Víctor – Grupo C

Student´s name : Ortuño Domínguez, Víctor   Title of the paper : A Temporal Analysis of About Time   Author or topic : Rob Swigart‘s About Time   Abstract : In this second paper I am going to analyse the temporal aspects of Rob Swigart’s About Time, a hypertextual story. This format gives way to a great amount […]

00 Archivo – Belmar Villar, Ana – Grupo C

Student´s name : Belmar Villar, Ana Title of the paper : A Tools’ Trip. Author or topic : “Who is Flora?” by Travis Alber.  Abstract : Let’s take a trip through “Who is Flora?” tools. I have divided my web page into two Indexes in order to make its structure similar to the hypertext “Who is Flora?”.  In the Primary Index you […]

00 Archivo – Palazón Radford, Marc – Grupo C

Student´s name : Palazón Radford, Marc Title of the paper :  Same Day Test Author: Inglis,Gavin   Abstract :  I’m doing this work about the space in this hypertext. In doing this work I got together with someone else who also wanted to work on this hypertext, abargues, but he wanted to work about the time in the hypertext. We got together and made […]

00 Archivo – Doncheva Doncheva, Dzhuliya – Grupo A

Student´s name : Doncheva Doncheva, Dzhuliya Title of the paper : “Reach” (© Image) Author or topic : Joyce, Michael Abstract : In my Second Paper I will focus my work on the analysis of one of the most famous authors of hypertext fiction, Michael Joyce, who is a professor of English at Vassar College, NY, USA and who created together […]

00 Archivo – Gil-Nogués, Rafael – Grupo B

Student’s name:    Gil-Nogués, Rafael Title of the paper:   “8 Minutes: Narrative Tools” Author or topic:       Conway, Martha Abstract: You can click on some interesting links related to 8 MINUTES. I analyze which are the narrative TOOLS what the author uses when she created this hypertext comparing it with other of her works. I have maken an INTRODUCTION to help you in different aspects of this […]

00 Archivo – Abargues Ferrus, Román – Grupo B

http://www.well.com/user/jmalloy/ Student´s name : Alfonso Coxias, Beatriz Title of the paper : Jenny’s passage Author or topic : Judy Malloy    Abstract: My paper of “A party at Silver Beach“consists of an introdution where you can find my experiences and some information about the hypertext I have chosen. You can also find thebiography of the author, an analysis focused on time aspects, Judy’s thoughts, and […]

00 Archivo – Gómez Bouret, Esther – Grupo B

Student’s name : Gómez Bouret, Esther Title of the paper : Analysis of the Tools of LOVE [ENTER] Author or topic: Paul Kafka Abstract : I have thoroughly analysed the Tools that the author tries to transmit to the reader through his work. Paul Kafka allows the reader to enter a circle of four friends (Dan, Beck, Bou and Margot) who share secrets as well as experiences. Following the laws of hypertextual […]

00 Archivo – Contreras Escandell, Mª Dolores – Grupo B

Student´s name : CONTRERAS ESCANDELL, Mª DOLORES Title of the paper: him   (time aspect) Author or topic: Dane Watkins (18 Oct. 1965 – ) Abstract : In this paper I worked on him time aspect analysing its text sequences. I drew a first hypothesis which proved to be wrong when asking advice to the author himself. Although in this hypertext you find some time references to the past, present and future, the author’s intention was to move away from […]

00 Archivo – Valenzuela Rubio, Julia – Grupo A

  Student´s name : Valenzuela Rubio, Julia Title of the paper : “Rainbow Factory“ Author or topic : Peter Howard Abstract :  After an introduction and some developing,  I will be dealing about an analysis of the tools aspect in this hypertext and you may read for yourself, the emails the author was kind enough to answer, explaining the windows that were a bit more complicated, […]