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00 Archivo – Gil-Nogués, Rafael – Grupo B

Student’s name:    Gil-Nogués, Rafael Title of the paper:   “8 Minutes: Narrative Tools” Author or topic:       Conway, Martha Abstract: You can click on some interesting links related to 8 MINUTES. I analyze which are the narrative TOOLS what the author uses when she created this hypertext comparing it with other of her works. I have maken an INTRODUCTION to help you in different aspects of this […]

00 Archivo – Abargues Ferrus, Román – Grupo B Student´s name : Alfonso Coxias, Beatriz Title of the paper : Jenny’s passage Author or topic : Judy Malloy    Abstract: My paper of “A party at Silver Beach“consists of an introdution where you can find my experiences and some information about the hypertext I have chosen. You can also find thebiography of the author, an analysis focused on time aspects, Judy’s thoughts, and […]

00 Archivo – Abargues Ferrus, Román – Grupo B

Student´s name : Abargues Ferrus, Román  Title of the paper :  Same Day Test Author: Inglis,Gavin   Abstract : The primary aspect to remark is the creation of a chart that is the basis of this study. That shows in paper the structure of the hypertext.  I’m doing this work about the time in this hypertext. In doing this work I got together […]

00 Archivo – Gómez Bouret, Esther – Grupo B

Student’s name : Gómez Bouret, Esther Title of the paper : Analysis of the Tools of LOVE [ENTER] Author or topic: Paul Kafka Abstract : I have thoroughly analysed the Tools that the author tries to transmit to the reader through his work. Paul Kafka allows the reader to enter a circle of four friends (Dan, Beck, Bou and Margot) who share secrets as well as experiences. Following the laws of hypertextual […]

00 Archivo – Contreras Escandell, Mª Dolores – Grupo B

Student´s name : CONTRERAS ESCANDELL, Mª DOLORES Title of the paper: him   (time aspect) Author or topic: Dane Watkins (18 Oct. 1965 – ) Abstract : In this paper I worked on him time aspect analysing its text sequences. I drew a first hypothesis which proved to be wrong when asking advice to the author himself. Although in this hypertext you find some time references to the past, present and future, the author’s intention was to move away from […]

00 Archivo – Pérez Lizandra Victoria – Grupo B

Student´s name : Pérez Lizandra Victoria   Title of the paper : Arbor Erecta, spatial context Author or topic : Sonya Rapoport   Abstract : The aim of this paper is to study the space where the text Arbor Erecta  takes place through each of the references given in the text. The introduction explains what the text is about, its organization and there are also three links that take us to […]

00 Archivo – Ferrer Ros, Amparo – Grupo B

Student´s name: Ferrer Ros, Amparo   Title of the paper: “Cutting Edges” Author: Nestvold, Ruth     Abstract:  My analysis of that hyper fiction story is to be from the point of view of Tools, so I show the literary resources that have been used to write the story, including the plot, and the lay-out make it. Besides, you can see what […]

00 Archivo – Soler Morera, Cynthia – Grupo B

Student´s name: Soler Morera, Cynthia Title of the paper: “Something different” Author or topic: Peyton, Sara Abstract: It’s my first time that I have to do this kind of activity, so as I have never done it before I don’t know how good it will be. I have chosen the spatial part of this hypertext […]

00 Archivo – Llorca Iturriaga, Ángela – Grupo B

Stud“A millenary hypertext” by Petit, M.R. (Marianne Rodriguez Petit , born in 1964) Abstract : Fairy Tales, traditional stories, “rondallas” or however we call these stories that have reached us by word of mouth and generation after generation, have always excited the imagination of children and adults and, have become part of the imaginary masses. […]