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Student´s name: Ferrer Ros, Amparo


Title of the paper: “Cutting Edges”

Author: Nestvold, Ruth



Abstract:  My analysis of that hyper fiction story is to be from the point of view of Tools, so I show the literary resources that have been used to write the story, including the plot, and the lay-out make it. Besides, you can see what the main theme is, the description of thecharacters involving in the story, the plot that are surrounding them, and my personal way of reading it. Moreover, I show you theauthor’s answer  that she so kindly has sent to me in response to my e-mail. In summary, you can see also my conclusion about this new type of making literature.


Academic year 2005/2006
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
©  Ferrer Ros, Amparo
Universitat de València Press

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