00 Archivo – Reiss, Julia – Métodos A

Student´s name : Reiss, Julia Title of the paper : Analysis of the use of time and space in Richard L. Pryll’s Hypertext “Lies” Abstract : Richard L. Pryll’s hypertext short story “Lies” has been analysed under the point of view of “Time” and “Space”, which in both cases I have found to be correlated with the […]

00 Archivo – Lucrecia Blaisse, Ana – Métodos A

Student’s name:  Ana Lucrecia Blaisse Title of the paper:  How many do we speak in a week? Author: Kenneth Goldsmith (1961-) Foto Text: Soliloquy   Abstract:  In this paper I begin with the author’s biography. He is also one of the most important members of the Poetry Foundation. A blog abut him is included in this paper, too.  Soliloquy is a collage of words, thoughts and ideas […]

00 Archivo – Fernandez, Charlotte Marie – Métodos A

Student’s name : Fernandez, Charlotte Marie  Title of the paper : The aspect of time in “Brutal Myths” Author or topic : “Brutal Myths“, by Sonya Rapoport Abstract : I’ve worked on the aspect of Time in the hypertext Brutal Myths, by Sonya Rapoport and Marie-José Sat.  Since Time is a pretty important facet of this work, I tried to answer the question […]

00 Archivo – Ferrando Gabarda, Maria Amparo – Métodos A

Student´s name : Ferrando Gabarda, Maria Amparo. Title of the paper :  “The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait“Author or topic : Mattison, Ben. Abstract : “The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait” is a thorough analysis of the daguerreotype, which was a revolution in the photography field. Therefore, this is a non-fiction hypertext.      The daguerreotype was the forerunner […]

00 Archivo – Tornero Rubio, Marta – Métodos A

Student´s name: Tornero Rubio, Marta Title of the paper: “The Interview” Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne Abstract: In this literary essay we will try to summarize the main ideas of the work by Adrienne Eisen from the deconstructivist point of view. As some of the readers may not have been educated in the concepts that we will be using […]

00 Archivo – Blatt, Katrin – Métodos A

Student´s name : Blatt, Katrin Title of the paper : “Datafeeds” – Narrative Techniques   Author or topic : Deena Larsen   Abstract :  This paper analyzes the hypertext “Datafeeds” by Deena Larsen. The first part is a summary of the plot with also briefly analyzing the structure of the hypertext. The second part is an analysis of anarrative technique Deena Larsen […]

00 Archivo – Bendix, Karla – Métodos A

  Student´s name : Bendix, Karla Title of the paper : “The Glass Snail” by Milorad Pavic – Narrative Technique and Structure Author or topic : Milorad Pavic Abstract : This paper analyzes Milorad Pavic´s hypertext “The Glass Snail”. Chapter one gives a brief introduction to the story and summarizes its plot, followed by an analysis of the main characters. The attempt is made […]

00 Archivo – Descalzo Conde, Diana – Métodos Grupo A

  Student´s name: Descalzo Conde, Diana Title of the paper: The narrative tools of “In the changing Room“                                               Author or topic: Jackie Craven   Abstract: Jackie Craven is an authoress who likes writing about travelling and home-design. This hypertext I have chosen has nothing to do with these topics; it is something different, a story, or different stories told through eight […]

00 Archivo – Pérez Lizandra Victoria – Grupo B

Student´s name : Pérez Lizandra Victoria   Title of the paper : Arbor Erecta, spatial context Author or topic : Sonya Rapoport   Abstract : The aim of this paper is to study the space where the text Arbor Erecta  takes place through each of the references given in the text. The introduction explains what the text is about, its organization and there are also three links that take us to […]

00 Archivo – Ferrer Ros, Amparo – Grupo B

Student´s name: Ferrer Ros, Amparo   Title of the paper: “Cutting Edges” Author: Nestvold, Ruth     Abstract:  My analysis of that hyper fiction story is to be from the point of view of Tools, so I show the literary resources that have been used to write the story, including the plot, and the lay-out make it. Besides, you can see what […]

00 Archivo – Soler Morera, Cynthia – Grupo B

Student´s name: Soler Morera, Cynthia Title of the paper: “Something different” Author or topic: Peyton, Sara Abstract: It’s my first time that I have to do this kind of activity, so as I have never done it before I don’t know how good it will be. I have chosen the spatial part of this hypertext […]

00 Archivo – Llorca Iturriaga, Ángela – Grupo B

Stud“A millenary hypertext” by Petit, M.R. (Marianne Rodriguez Petit , born in 1964) Abstract : Fairy Tales, traditional stories, “rondallas” or however we call these stories that have reached us by word of mouth and generation after generation, have always excited the imagination of children and adults and, have become part of the imaginary masses. […]

00 in memoriam Rafa Cruz

in memoriam Rafa Cruz. 15.12.2008 – 12/15/2008 WWW – Universitat de València Press – MMM __________________________________ UVPress 2.0 literary research environment for scribes & scholars & site designers and sievers ________________________ Siever ________________________ IIIXM – M gestual mito 1.000.000 galáctico homo erectus antecesor IIIM – M oral rito 100.000 años homo sapiens sapiens M-I manuscrito […]

00 In-Text Citations: The Basics

Source: ONLINE! © 2003 by Bedford / St. Martin’ , [visited 1.12.2008] <http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/online/cite5.html> This chapter’s guidelines for citing Internet sources are based on two sources: the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (2003) by Joseph Gibaldi. The MLA Handbook advises that you acknowledge sources “by keying brief parenthetical citations in your text to an […]

00 Paul Virilio in Obama’s America

1000 Days of Theory: td067 Date Published: 10/30/2008 www.ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=597 Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors 1000 DAYS OF THEORY: Event-Scene City of Transformation Paul Virilio in Obama’s America Arthur and Marilouise Kroker It is surely the fate of every engaged political theory to be overcome by the history that it thought it was only describing. So […]

00 Content Delivery in the ‘Blogosphere’

http://www.thejournal.com/articles/16626 Content Delivery in the ‘Blogosphere’ By Richard E. Ferdig, Ph.D., and Kaye D. Trammell, University of Florida The interest in new media for teaching and learning has highlighted the potential of innovative software and hardware for education. This has included laptops, handhelds, wireless systems and Web-based learning environments. Most recently, however, this interest has […]

00 When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Emailing Lists, Discussion, and Interaction

http://english.ttu.edu/Kairos/9.1/binder.html?praxis/krause/index.html Essay or Blog? Your reading choices This issue of the order of the piece was debated by readers in the review process in what I thought were interesting ways. To me, the most interesting objection to the reverse ordering of things was that it did not reflect the “episodic” nature of blogs. At first, […]