00 Archivo – Gómez Bouret, Esther – Grupo B

Student’s name : Gómez Bouret, Esther Title of the paper : Analysis of the Tools of LOVE [ENTER] Author or topic: Paul Kafka Abstract : I have thoroughly analysed the Tools that the author tries to transmit to the reader through his work. Paul Kafka allows the reader to enter a circle of four friends (Dan, Beck, Bou and Margot) who share secrets as well as experiences. Following the laws of hypertextual […]

00 Archivo – Contreras Escandell, Mª Dolores – Grupo B

Student´s name : CONTRERAS ESCANDELL, Mª DOLORES Title of the paper: him   (time aspect) Author or topic: Dane Watkins (18 Oct. 1965 – ) Abstract : In this paper I worked on him time aspect analysing its text sequences. I drew a first hypothesis which proved to be wrong when asking advice to the author himself. Although in this hypertext you find some time references to the past, present and future, the author’s intention was to move away from […]

00 Archivo – Valenzuela Rubio, Julia – Grupo A

  Student´s name : Valenzuela Rubio, Julia Title of the paper : “Rainbow Factory“ Author or topic : Peter Howard Abstract :  After an introduction and some developing,  I will be dealing about an analysis of the tools aspect in this hypertext and you may read for yourself, the emails the author was kind enough to answer, explaining the windows that were a bit more complicated, […]

00 Archivo – Contreras Fernández, Ana Ruth – Grupo A

Student´s name : Contreras Fernández, Ana Ruth  Title of the paper : Spatial Analysis of Chicken Soup for your Corporate Ass (20th August 1999) Author or topic : Ruth Wyman & William Gillespie Abstract : This paper is going to analyse the spatial aspects of this hypertext, and explain why they are the key to understand and enjoy the text. The work is taken from William […]

00 Archivo – Schulze, Ida – Grupo A

Student´s name : Schulze, Ida Title of the paper : Analysis of tools in the poem Children’s Time Author or topic : Deena Larsen   Abstract: Children’s time by Deena Larsen is a short hypertext poem belonging into the genre of Kanji-kus. In myintroduction to it you will get a an overview of its structure, some information about its author and one possible summary of its content. In […]

00 Archivo – Ruiz Peris, María – Grupo A

Student´s name: Ruiz Peris, María Title of the paper : “Analysis of the tools in Winter Break” Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne   Abstract: I am going to work with the hypertext “Winter Break” written by Adrienne Eisen (legal name Adrienne Greenheart). An American blogger born in 1966.She is the only hypertext winner of the prestigious New Media Invision Award. […]

00 Archivo – Andújar Forner, Anna – Grupo A

Student´s name : Andújar Forner, Anna  Title of the paper : “Analysis of the time in Winter Break” Author or topic : Eisen, Adrienne Abstract : I will be basing my analysis on Adrienne Eisen’s hypertext ‘Winter Break’. To begin with an introduction where I will explain how to deal with this closely new form of reading named hypertext. A good […]

00 Archivo – Valenzuela Rubio, Julia – Grupo A

Student´s name : Valenzuela Rubio, Julia Title of the paper : “Rainbow Factory“ Author or topic : Peter Howard Abstract :  After an introduction and some developing,  I will be dealing about an analysis of the tools aspect in this hypertext and you may read for yourself, the emails the author was kind enough to answer, explaining the windows that were a bit more complicated, I […]

00 Archivo – Mateo López, Elvira – Grupo A

Student´s name : Mateo López, Elvira Title of the paper : “Sister Stories” Author or topic : Carolyne Guyer     Abstract : I have chosen the hypertext created by Carolyne Guyer with Rosemary Joyce and Michael Joyce, “Sister Stories”, because at first, I thought that this hypertext would be a great story of Aztecs, but now I know that I was wrong, it’s rather […]

00 Archivo – Káposztásová, Monika – Grupo A

Student’s name: Káposztásová, Monika Title of the paper: 24 hours with someone you know  Author or topic: Burne,Phillipa J.   Abstract: In this paper I analyzed the tools of this hypertext. I divided my work in different parts. One of them is a general summary of this short story where I talk about different “chapters” and several ways of reading the text. The […]

00 Archivo – Zapater Navarro, Olga – Grupo A

Student´s name: Zapater Navarro, Olga Title of the paper: “The ballad of Sand and Harry Soot”  Author or topic: Strickland, Stephanie. Abstract: In this paper you can see a complete commentary of the poetic hypertext of Stephanie Strickland (1942- ): “The ballad of Sand and Harry Soot”. First of all, I have begun with an Introduction to explain what kind of text we are […]

00 Archivo – Obiols Roca, Mónica – Grupo A

Student´s name: Obiols Roca, Mónica   Title of the paper: Tools’ analysis in “Same Day Test” hypertext. Author or topic: Inglis, Gavin   Abstract:  I’m going to work on the hypertext “Same Day Test” written by Gavin Inglis, a Scottish author residing in Edinburgh. My analysis consists on an introduction where I explain the concepts of hypertext and hypertext fiction and where I make […]

00 Archivo – Molina Sanz, David – Grupo A

Student´s name : Molina Sanz, David Title of the paper : “Analysis of the text: aspect of time in  “THE GRIMM TALE” Author or topic : Marianne Rodríguez Petit,                                                          Image                                  […]

00 Archivo – Gil Fernández, Manuel – Grupo A

Student´s name: Gil Fernández, Manuel Title of the paper: Damascene, a tale for computers and compasses. Space Analysis Author or topic: Pavic, Milorad  Abstract: An analysis of formal features of Pavic’s hypertext. I have analysed on one hand general characteristics such as characters, plotand style, which establishes some clues on how to read this hypertext. The reader can also find a brief analysis on time […]

00 Archivo – Muñoz Duque, Felipe – Grupo A

Student´s name: Muñoz Duque, Felipe Title of the paper: “A journey to 253”. Author or topic: Ryman, Geoff Abstract: In this paper I will expose through the different sections included on my website the principal ideas of Geoff Ryman hypertext novel called 253 presented on his website as a novel for the Internet about London Underground in seven cars and a crash. The different […]

00 Archivo – Andreu González, Mª del Mar – Grupo A

Student´s name : Andreu González, Mª del Mar Title of the paper : “Sister Stories” Author or topic: Guyer, Carolyne   Abstract: My analysis of the hypertext Sister Stories, written by Carolyne Guyer, Michael Joyce and Rosemary Joyce, includes the following aspects: an introduction , an in-depth study of the tools used by the authors, a structure analysis going into its external and internal structure in depth, and a conclusion based on my […]

00 Archivo – Pons Fernández, Laura – Grupo A

Student´s name: Pons Fernández, Laura Title of the paper: ‘Winter Break’ Author or topic: Eisen, Adrienne Image       Abstract: I am going to analyze the Space aspects of the hypertext ‘Winter Break’, by the American writer and blogger Penelope Trunk (born Adrienne Roston, legal name Adrienne Greenheart, although she also uses the penname Adrienne Eisen to sign some of […]

00 Archivo – Albalat Mascarell, Ana – Grupo A

Student´s name : Albalat Mascarell, Ana   Title of the paper : “Analysis of the hypertext Considering a baby?”   Author or topic : Eisen, Adrienne (1966-)     (Image)   Abstract : This paper is intended to provide a more or less detailed description of Considering a baby? – a fiction work of online hypertext written by the American hypertext star Adrienne Eisen (1966) […]

00 Archivo – Aparisi Escrihuela, Alicia – Grupo A

Student’s name: Aparisi Escrihuela, Alicia Title of the paper: Joe’s heartbeat in Budapest Author or topic: Ruth Nestvold Abstract: I’m going to work on the hypertext “Joe’s heartbeat in Budapest” written by Ruth Nestvold, an American Science fiction and Fantasy writer residing in Germany. My analysis consists of an introduction where I explain the concept of hypertext and the points that […]

00 Archivo – Kay Ruiz, Annabel – Métodos A

Student´s name : Kay Ruiz, Annabel Title of the paper : My Body, A Wunderkammer Author or topic : Jackson, Shelley   © foto  (1-12-02) Abstract: Shelley Jackson was born in 1963, in the Philippines. She is an acclaimed American novelist and artist. My analysis of her hypertext, “My Body, A Wunderkammer”, written in 1997, includes the following aspects: an introduction including […]